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    July 8, 2013
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

just does not look good at this case because if this was the inld, he would have been here 30 plus hours with all of the heat. smashed thehem window before they began shutting the streets down. nothing confirmed, but it is not looking good. >> that building looks like it is abandoned. can you confirm that? , thecannot confirm building near where the car park was abandoned and one building on one side that was abandoned and one side, someone was living in it but it was probably 30 feet from where the child was last seen yesterday. >> are their canines working with the police here? >> not at the moment. they have called in an ambulance on the sceneved and people were screaming and acting as fast as possible. >> thank you so much.
a breaking situation in the search for a young boy. we will give you any new details as soon as we get them right here. let's get to our other big story -- the horrifying moments before and after the crash landing in san francisco. federal investigators have released information about what happened. >> number of -- members of the national transportation safety board spoke a few hours ago, and they are looking at whether pilot error can treated to the crash. learn the as we flight approach at reagan national airport is very much like the one at the san francisco airport. >> let's start on the west coast where the ntsb has confirmed a significant part of that tail section was found in the water off the runway.
the pilot had apparently landed in san francisco nearly 30 times but this was the third time he landed that particular model of plane. if you would like to get an idea of what it is like to land in san francisco, all you have to do is land at reagan national. take a look at this youtube video. that is the approach to reagan national on the left and san francisco on the right. you can see the similarities. >> very similar. your coming in over water and coming in over a bridge. >> the pilot has flown into both airports and says the water approach does not make it more difficult. in fact, the approach at reagan from the north is much more challenging. aircraft, the big thing you want to do is be stable in that approach. over sensors to maintain the proper direction, altitude and airspeed. we willue points read never forget september 11.
that's the stoop position the plane, but the plane in san francisco was traveling well below its targeted touchdown speed, landing tail first. a crash that may keep some air travelers grounded right now. she is already counting on a safe landing in colorado. >> i think about it, but it does not keep me from flying on a plane. if you were to do a car crash, does it keep you from going in the car? crashed in san francisco, the death toll is still at two. it is the first fatal crash of the 777 since it was introduced in 1995. >> new at 6:00 on a show of support for embattled ec fire chief, kenneth ellerbe. the department has endured a series of problems and there have been calls for him to
resign, but just hours ago, supporters say he has not been treated fairly. >> his supporters acknowledged that there are problems in the fire department, but many of them, he inherited. even though he has been on the job for two and half years, they are asking the city council to stand down and support him as he makes changes. supporters of kenneth ellerbe held a rally at city hall. >> to the extent there are changes, let's do it in a respectful way. last week, one council member called on him to resign, citing a scathing 29 page report the fire department in disarray. a report issued by the judiciary and public safety committee chairman, even though they said
they had not read the report, ellerbe supporters dismissed it, for mayor.s running >> any chairperson can go and any firethe shelf department and all they need to do is change the date. the same issue still exists that existed 30 years ago. >> and they questioned why they did not call for the resignation of the previous ire chief terry >> no one called for the resignation when they were having prostitution rings in the fire station on 13th street, no one called for the resignation of mr. rubin. >> when asked if they believe he is being treated differently because of his race -- >> you need to ask them why they are going after him. >> we reached out to the councilmembers for a response and councilmember wells says he
has not asked for the chiefs resignation and he wants to see him succeed but they have to fix the problems in the fire department. in the meantime, organizers say this is the first round of support for the chief, stay tuned. starting today, a major round of military for was takes effect to two sequestration. about 650,000 department of defense civilian workers will be forced to take the first of 11 scheduled unpaid days. employees must take one unpaid day off each week from now until december 21. the first days off amount to a 20% pay cut over that time. >> get ready for a big change the next time you go to a national mall. >> a big ceremony will take lace in just a few hours. >> still ahead, last year, he was running for president but a new announcement by governor rick perry -- see how this will
impact his political career. >> and a big announcement out of egypt amid all of the chaos. we will have the very latest, 83 degreesery >> outside the studios right now.
>> growing violence in the growing death toll in egypt after the country's first elected president was thrown out of office. clashes between the military forces and those who support mohamed morsy has led to at least 50 deaths. >> within the hour, the new president interim -- the new interim president will release information about elections. interim president has announced there will be new parliamentary elections as early as next february with presidential elections following that. this, after a violent they left each side blaming the other. 50 are dead and hundreds are heard. hospitals were filled with victims and conflicting accounts -- accounts of how began. pro mohamed morsi supporters said the military attacked them.
we were praying it on, this man said, when the military came in and started shooting. the military says gunmen stormed the building and that robbed the clash. , egypt appears on the brink of civil war. >> return the president back to his rightful place or they will be shooting in the street. >> chaos even in the media. at a news conference by the military today, al jazeera reporters were ejected as the crowd shouted out, out. al jazeera is based in a tiny country that supports mohamed morsi. president obama's taking a wait and see approach, critical of the entire middle east. >> this is how our naval forces get in and out of the persian gulf area -- out of the persian gulf area it's a tremendously important place. tomorrow is the start of ramadan in the muslim world.
a month of fasting and good deeds. the obama administration is struggling with words great if they call the overthrow a coup, by u.s. law, all non- humanitarian aid to egypt be suspended. that includes more than a billion dollars that go strictly to the egyptian army. >> we are following breaking news in the search for a missing boy who is severely autistic. >> we will have a live up eight for you. >> also tonight, a little bit of sun and a little bit of rain. doug is back with more on what is in store tonight. >> the red-hot nationals load up for the second-half stretch run.
>> we are going to update you now on a strictly top of the newscast -- the autistic missing boy -- the missing boy who is severely autistic. >> as i told you at the top of the broadcast, it is not
looking good but police have not confirmed anything here. something or someone was found in the alley behind his row of apartments on west virginia avenue. as an officer slammed his hands in anger and then we heard someone say oh god, call an ambulance. it was in a car that was within 30 or 40 feet from where this child was last seen yesterday when he was restored it -- when he was reported missing. very quickly after that, the street was shut down and other streets were down and they brought in an ambulance and that is the last we know. police say they will of data is in the near future, but based on the reaction, it was something very important. it seems like it may be something very sad but we don't know for sure yet. 6:00, texas governor rick perry will not seek reelection. he plans to retire. rick perry is the longest-
serving governor in texas history as it is considered the states most powerful governor since the civil war. he oversaw the texas miracle job creation loomed and is a staunch fiscal and social conservative grade he became governor in 2000 when george w. bush was elected president. >> a few hours from now, the washington monument will light up the sky with a scene that has not been seen for a long time. is video from last week's fireworks display. the scaffolding has been in place since repair began after the monument was damaged after the earthquake in 2011. the park service will use or hundred 88 lamps to give them a very special glow. we will have more on that on abc seven news at 11:00. >> pretty quiet around the area with partly cloudy skies grade first up, a time lapse from
damascus elementary. clearing outds with temperatures over that portion of montgomery county in the lower 80s. ,atching the showers develop and that is the kind of pattern we have with pop-up showers and partly cloudy through the evening. is the average trade 102 .egrees here one year ago today 87 right now at reagan national. cooler to the north end very mild and muggy. very similar temperatures and hot stuff with a taste of that building in. into the 90s on wednesday and watching showers to the south
east, maybe a shower from this area could cross over the night. cloudy, hot and humid. love 90s on wednesday and a chance of showers and storms. thursday, the cold front will push through, giving us a better chance of storms. partly cloudy and muggy tomorrow. partly sunny, hot and humid. thursday withe on a high on friday of 85. partly cloudy and the low to middle 80s. still a lingering chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. toyota sportse desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. everybody is excited and i think optimistic about the new washington wizards star.
it is a four-day minicamp to get the young guy ready for the summer. only 20 years old, so this is heavy stuff. after the wizards got free agents, they now have 14 guys. a so they should feel the pressure. for baseball fans, opening a four-game set with the phillies. then they play against the marlins before the all-star break. the nats have 11 of their the next 13 games at home. they have won nine of their last 11, so things are getting interesting. late last night, they acquired veteran outfielder scott hairston from the cubs. here andght home runs he can hit left-handers. >> we had some trouble getting
out of chicago. i hope he gets here by game time. [indiscernible] firingabout this -- .cross that may be the play of the year. manny machado is the play of the day for the baltimore orioles. most of the washington capitals are off the golf course right now, lowering their handicaps. but management is trying to get it together for the caps, so you have to wonder what kind of land the gm is following. i know they are talking about michael going to the coyotes, but i don't know. before it started
we in january, february, knew then based on what they were looking for it was probably not going to happen. >> the best story of the weekend was eating the number one tennis layer in the world to become the number 12 when the british open in 20 years. a incredible scenes and ironically, still ranked number two. finally, a former nfl linebacker, and their green, is suing the washington redskins for a cheap shot he said resulted in a career ending knee injury. he played back in the early 2000 says as he believes the redskins had a bounty on him. that suit has now been filed.
>> we have a situation breaking this our -- we have been following the seven-year-old missing autistic boys grade police have made a discovery but are not characterizing what they have found yet. we will the latest for you at 11:00. >> and we have the latest for the weather. >> it is going to get hot for a couple of days.
90s on wednesday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that tonight at 11:00. >> abc world news is coming up next. >> hope you can join us at 11:00. [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib? get to your local subway for the delectable, new prime rib melt
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this is "world news." tonight dramatic new video from the crash landing in san francisco. passengers sprinting away, what the pilots were doing in the seven seconds before the crash and the tiny flight attendant injured but carrying passengers on her back to safety. the tape on trail, the father of trayvon martin today fighting to prove that his son was